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Gura Portitei
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Gura Portitei Menu

All Inclusive Menu

All sorts of fish will be served according to daily catch. We are convinced that "a tip" for the staff who has served you properly will make it even more careful with you next time. Thank you! Please do not come with food or drinks in the restaurant. We will have to not afford access. Please do not cook in the room, on the terrace or in the resort, and do not clean fish in the room. Thank you!


Fried eggs - 100gr
Boiled eggs - 2 buc
Cottage cheese and dill/ ham and cheese omelette - 150 gr/ 200 gr
Butter/Jam - 1+1 buc
Yogurt - 1 buc
Cheese/Cottage Cheese/Ham/Salami/Cremwurst - 100 gr
Tomatoes /Peppers / Cucumber - 150 gr
Bread - 100 gr

At breakfast, you can order up to four types of food + bread + butter / jam, for example:
- simple mesh + cheese + cremwurst + tomatoes or
- omelette with ham and dill + cucumbers + pressed ham + yogurt or
- boiled eggs + peppers + ham + yoghurt or
- omelette with ham and cheese + pepper + yogurt + salami or
- salami + tomatoes + cottage cheese + cooked eggs or
- cremwurst + yogurt + cheese + omelette etc ...

- The lunch menu contains a soup, a main dish (ie barbecue or fish or meat dish or hot snack or pasta) and dessert;
- The dinner menu contains a main dish of the above and a dessert
- Beverages of any kind are not included


Chicken sour soup (pepper included) - 250/100 gr
Fisherman's soup (includes garlic and pepper) - 250/150 gr
Cow sour soup (pepper included) - 250/100 gr


Fish meatballs (fish, garlic, dill) - 200 gr
MBS (specialty - polenta with cottage cheese and cream) - 200/150/150 gr


Bolognese (spaghetti, meat, vegetables, tomato souce) - 250gr
Carbonara (spaghetti, bacon, egg, cream) - 250 gr
Penne arabiata (penne, peppers, garlic, tomato souce) - 300 gr
Penne with cheese - 210gr


Fried crucien with lemon, garlic and polenta - 300/100gr
Fried horse mackerel/ancovy - 200 gr
Mackerel brine - 200 gr
Fried carp (from the Babadag Lake) with polenta - 250/150 gr
Carp (from the Babadag Lake) brine -250/150 gr


Napoli schnitzel (pork chop, cheese, egg) - 200gr
Dobrogea stew with polenta (pork pulp, sausages, egg, cottage cheese, garlic) - 200/100/200gr
Chicken with gorgonola sauce (chicken breast, gorgonzola, cream)150/50gr
Chicken schnitzel - 150/50gr
Crispy chicken (chicken breast, corn flakes, chilly)- 150/50gr


Pig neck - 200gr
Chicken breast - 200gr
Boneless chicken thighs - 250gr


French fries /Natur Potatoes / Potato puree / Vegetable risotto / Polenta - 200 gr


Asorted salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion) - 200 gr
Red Beet/ White Cabbage salad - 200gr
Pickles salad (pickles and peppers) -200 gr


Apple pie - 200gr
Dobrogea pie - 200gr
Jam/Chocolate pancakes - 200gr
Assorted ice cream - 200gr